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  • Welcome, we will be pleased if you become part of the team of Excel Property Bulgaria!

    Founded in 2007, Excel Property Bulgaria aims to attract and retain in its composition the best young professionals in the Bulgarian real estate business. Ambitious people with creative thinking, motivated to build a career in one of the most competitive and rapidly evolving sectors of the economy, namely the real estate sector in Bulgaria. 

    Successful career in the Bulgarian real estate business is largely determined by the company and the team you work with. Whether it's your first or just the next step in this field, we at Excel Property Bulgaria welcome your interest in us and we will try to prove to you that you made the right choice. Our reputation is built on high standards of quality of service that we have set ourselves and evaluation of our numerous clients over the years.

    We are all convinced that the real estate business In Bulgaria is hard work. If you are lucky to start a career in Excel Property Bulgaria, you can be sure of success. Each new applicant must satisfy specific requirements, will pass through a stage of training and probation, examination and analysis of results.

    We actively encourage internal competition; our belief is that this is the basis of success. Priority still remains for us to build the perfect team of Excel Property Bulgaria. Our best players on this team will be able to run their own business within a business and enjoy their success by pursuing high standards and rapid growth in their real estate property career. 

    Real estate business is a global industry that continues to evolve; business sector where boundaries do not exist. Development opportunities are many; there is a wide range of services which you can specialize in: sales, rentals, construction, architecture, property management and more. We at Excel Property Bulgaria must admit that working hours are often not regulated, but if you do not like to just sit in the office chained to a desk, it is a career that you need. Residential real estate is not just a job, it's a highly social environment that will allow you to enjoy the numerous meetings and communicating with different people in the real world and cyberspace.

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