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  • Become our partner, we offer thousands of properties for sale and rent!

    We at Excel Property Bulgaria built this system to work with partners and associates because we believe that this is an excellent opportunity for citizens and businesses to increase their income by giving them the best opportunities in real estate business in Bulgaria. At present, we can offer to you properties for sale in over 65% of the country - sea and ski, golf and spa, rural and city properties and others.

    We created three levels of cooperation:

    1. Associative Partner - this level is for professional brokers with well-established business in real estate who have at least 2 years commercial experience. They should enjoy good reputation in the business of local or national level in the country which are, be prepared to invest funds from their budget in the advertising of our properties. Partners in this level will receive the best possible commission, depending on objectives and results achieved in terms of volume sales.
    2. Real Estate Agent - this program is suitable for professionals and amateurs, people who have their own websites, blogs or use free web sites, and perhaps small local newspapers for example. This is more suitable for people without a website who just wish to use their personal communication skills to increase their income and begin a career in real estate business. Our commissions are individual, flexible and will be reviewed regularly according to sales and personal results.
    3. Pay per Enquiry - this program is for web developers and designers of web sites and experts in internet commerce. Take an unlimited number of offers from our database which is updated daily and put them in your web space. We will pay you a 5 Euro (without VAT) for the enquiry of every real client who was interested in buying property in Bulgaria, which we will get through you and will confirm through feedback by phone and by e-mail with the client.


    • RUSSIA (Russian Federation) – Associative Partner

    Lavrov Sergei Vadimovich

    Address: 13 Cherepovetskaya Str., apt. 50, Moscow

    Phone/Fax: +7 499 200 1106

    Mobile: +7 (8) 916 692 6881


    Banner Advertising: Banner size 220 × 88 pixels

    For those who are focused on building and developing the image of their company in the internet space, although it is not in the real estate, we offer banner advertising! The size and location of the TOP banner ensures excellent visibility and high efficiency. If you are not yet convinced, here's some argument about this:

    - Internet is the fastest growing media today;

    - You can easily target your ads;

    - You can easily track the effectiveness;

    Price: 120 BGN with VAT (per month)

    For more information about our partnership programs please contact one of the offices of the Contact page...