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FREE VALUATION Add a property

Human life is our priority! Be responsible! Stay at home!

  • Dear customers, partners and colleagues!

    Friends of Excel Property, the world is different now! The unprecedented situation that puts us in the global pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus will make us rethink our whole lives - from our daily communication and entertainment to doing business. Let us recall some human values such as dignity, honor and mutual respect that have been forgotten in the modern mercantile world. We will have to put ourselves to the test to prove that we can take care of the most endangered part of the population, our parents! Because only together will we be able to fight this invisible enemy who is already in our home - our motherland Bulgaria!!!

    We at Excel Property are aware that the scales of COVID-19 coronavirus spread require unpopular measures and strongly support all acts of the Operations Headquarters in the face of Major General Ventzislav Mutafchiiski. The only effective way to break the spread of the virus at the moment is self-isolation, which requires enormous discipline and patience! We are reminded of all the most important prevention rules - high personal hygiene, disinfection, use of face masks, distance communication. Our team is our family and to that end we have held personal consultations with medical professionals to ensure its protection! We must honestly say that at this stage Vitamin C and D, probiotics and immunostimulants can only get you toned and strengthen the immune system without providing you with protection against the insidious coronavirus COVID-19.

    Excel Property wants to reassure all our clients and partners that our current policies and procedures are in line with the prevention guidelines provided by the World Health Organization and the Coronavirus Operational Headquarters in Bulgaria. We are ready to take on our business risks and generate losses, but to save lives! In view of the crisis situation and the declared state of emergency in Bulgaria, we are introducing a "home office" mode - we remain safe but active *:

    ✅ all members of our team will work full-time and you can contact them via email or directly by phone;

    ✅ viewings of the properties you choose will only be made through an Internet video connection of a pre-agreed mobile application;

    ✅ contracts, agreements and other documents will be signed only electronically;

    ✅ all payments will be made by bank transfer;

    ✅ administrative offices will remain inaccessible to outsiders;

    * now is the time to get a free valuation of your property without leaving your home, completely online

    Keep calm, only together we will succeed! Thank you for understanding...

    Finally, let us quote a part of the words of an Italian girl, Antonia Lonardo, words which, because of their truth, were wrongly attributed to Pope Francis:

    "How all present will be a memory, but normality itself will seem to us an unexpected and wonderful gift.
    We will love what we thought was trivia so far. Every second will be precious.
    Bathing in the sea, the sun until late at night, sunsets, wine, laughter.
    We will laugh together again.
    Strength and courage.
    See you soon."

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